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Julia Oliveira-Killmon

Julia Oliveira-Killmon, Staff Writer

Julia Oliveira-Killmon ’24 is a senior at NDB and a Staff Writer for The Catalyst. This is her first year taking Journalism, and is excited to learn about the importance of journalism in society as well as the reestablishment of Tiger TV at NDB. Julia hopes to use the knowledge she gains in Journalism to further her education in the world of sports media and analytics.

Julia’s desire to be involved in the student newspaper was encouraged by her other hobbies including her love for playing basketball, hanging out with friends and family and reading novels during her free time. She also enjoys watching professional sports games and Disney movies with her family.

All of these activities have inspired many of her articles and the way she consumes other forms of media. She hopes to keep using the knowledge she gained in Journalism to supplement her academic journey in college. Julia is going to graduate from Notre Dame Belmont High School in June and will be pursuing her academic career at the University of California Santa Barbara and majoring in Economics.

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Julia Oliveira-Killmon, Staff Writer
October 31, 2023
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