How to prepare for your first concert


The Catalyst / Francesca Arbelaez

Many fans went to see Lady Gaga perform at Oracle Park on September 8.

The school year has started, so students are looking for activities to do over the weekend with friends. Luckily for the population of NDB, the Bay Area is a trendy spot for touring artists, meaning there are no shortage of concerts throughout the year. However, with the excitement of these events, unfortunately, comes risks.

“My recommendation would be to go with a group so then it’s safer,” said senior Abbi Edelhart. “Then also to make sure you know how you’re getting home because many people only figure out how they’re going to get there, but not how to get back.”

Attending a concert is all about getting swept away with the music. Still, you do not want to lose sight of your surroundings. Especially when you are with friends, it is important that you know where they are at all times, for everyone’s safety. Plan ahead with your group on what to do and where to meet if anyone gets lost or if there is an emergency. Even have a fallback for that strategy.

Try to eat something before the concert because the prices of event food might be a lot more than one might be willing to pay. Drinking lots of water in advance is important so you do not have to purchase an overpriced one when you get there.

Something else to remember is to wear a comfortable outfit. Dressing up according to the weather is a component that many overlook. Comfortable clothes can enhance a concert’s experience because you are fully focused on the concert, instead of your outfit.

Senior Amelia Ailanjian has been to many concerts. Her favorites include Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande and Sabrina Carpenter.

“Wear sneakers and scream your heart out, learn all the songs,” said Ailanjian. “Also bring a clear bag so you don’t get stopped at security.”

However, part of the fun of attending a concert is in the clothes. Dressing up on the theme, whether you are seeing Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan or any other artist is always an exciting component of attending a concert.

If merchandise is of interest, it is best to purchase at the very beginning of the show or after it ends. It is customary that in the parking lot after an event there will be people selling t-shirts or hoodies for a discounted price. Many purchase gear from these vendors instead to avoid the long lines and expensive prices.

Most importantly, have fun, take advantage of any opportunity to go out and have a blast.