Wildcats get their head in the game for senior year

As these last three years were significantly impacted by the pandemic, the Class of 2023 has endured quite the high school journey so far. Completing part of their freshman year and all of their sophomore year behind Zoom screens and masks blurred their transition from underclassmen to upperclassmen and deprived them of traditional high school experiences. However, the Class of 2023 returns to campus this year as seniors, and hopes to make the best of the events and privileges that come with the title.

During the first month of the school year, the Wildcats have already had several opportunities to come together and kick off their senior year. On Monday, August 15, they gathered in the Father Downey Garden for the Senior Sunrise before the first day of school. Later in the week on August 19, the Wildcats won the first rally because of their intense spirit and competitiveness. Finally, the Senior Splash was held on Friday, August 26, where students had the chance to swim, eat shaved ice and take their class photo.

All class events that will take place this year are planned and executed by the senior class council. They work to ensure that the class has opportunities to bond and is properly represented among the rest of the student body.

“To plan class activities, we talk about ideas within student council, and then ask other students their opinion on those ideas before getting them approved by our class coordinator and [Director of Student Life and Leadership] Mrs. Bergholm,” said Senior Class President Monique Samson.

The senior class coordinator, Kate Mahoney, also plays an important role in the experience of the senior class.

“My overall goal for the senior class this year is to give them their best year yet at NDB,” Mahoney said. “With the guidance of the senior class council, we hope to provide bonding activities that will create lifelong memories for the senior class.”

Although there is a lot in store this year for the Wildcats to look forward to, the next few months will certainly be some of the most challenging. For the majority of the fall semester, seniors will be working on college applications, which can be stressful and time consuming. Soon after, they will have to open college decision letters and eventually decide where to spend the next chapter of their lives, and, with that, comes a great deal of pressure. However, the end-of-the-year events, such as Aquacades and graduation will surely be worth the stress and anxiety.

Senior year is not only important in preparing students for the next period of their lives, but is also a time where the class can truly come together and bond before parting ways in June. Together, the Class of 2023 has the ability to make their senior year memorable despite the unprecedented challenges they have faced during their time at NDB.