Students prepare for summer


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Caitlin Degnan

Last summer, NDB students signed up to be counselors at the Serra HS’s sports camp.

For all students, summer is fast approaching with the last day of school on June 3, and senior graduation taking place on June 4. While finishing up the last weeks of school, including final exams, all students are excited for the start of their many summer plans.

Sophomore Claire Felton said, “I am going to sleep away in Texas, Camp Longhorn, for three weeks… I am going to hang out with my cousins and I think that we are just going to stay in the area and try to go to the beach. I am also going to Tahoe with my family at the end of the summer, so I am excited for that.”

Even with many people traveling over the summer, the Bay Area is still an amazing place to stay. Sophomore Aoife Rossiter said, “I am going to stay here over most of the summer break and help my sister back go to college. I am also doing ROAR, which is Notre Dame’s summer camp for water polo. ”

Summer is a valuable time to reconnect with family, especially after not being able to travel during the COVID-19 quarantine. This year will be the first time that many students are able to visit their family again after almost three years.

Rossiter continues, “For some of the break, I am going to finally get to go back to Germany after about like three years because of COVID. So I am super excited about that.”

For other students, this summer is going to be productive, and many people are applying for jobs and starting to plan for the year ahead, especially the rising seniors working on their college applications.

Over the summer, junior Chloe Parkinson said, “I am working as a lifeguard with my friends over the summer, and I am also working at a school. This is my first year working as a lifeguard, but I worked at the school last year, so I am excited to go back again this year.”

Sophomore Amber Holloway said, “I am going to be working this summer at Serra’s summer sports camp for the first time this year, and I am working with some of my friends.”

Regardless of what students are doing during the upcoming summer break, everyone is excited to take time off from school and have the opportunity to hang out with their family and friends.