TV Review: “MoonKnight”

In the shadows of the night, a new Marvel hero emerges. About a few weeks ago Marvel released a Disney+ new original series “Moon Knight”. This new series follows a forgotten Marvel hero and how he navigates the world as two different people.

A north Londoner known as Steven Grant is a gift shop worker at a history museum. Steven is interested in Egyptian history and knows all of the secrets to Egyptian puzzles, meanings and the different languages. Along the way, Steven discovers that the voice he has been hearing in his head is actually another identity of himself, Marc Spector. Marc is a mercenary who died while on a mission. However, as Marc slipped away, the God of the Moon in Egyptian mythology, Konshu, revived him and made a deal.

In this universe, the Egyptian gods and goddesses have something called “avatars”. Avatars are mortal people who are selected to work with the powers that the god or goddess has bestowed upon them and the god or goddess can take control of the avatar body if needed. In order for Marc to come back, he must serve as the avatar for Konshu. There is one problem though, he isn’t the only one who is now the avatar of Konshu.

Steven and Marc share a body but are polar opposites and it causes for some problems in a time of peril. Steven is useful for puzzles and Marc is useful for punching but they have to learn to work together to fight against the antagonist of the story, Arthur Harrowe. Harrowe is seen wanting to release the goddess Ammit, the “devourer of the dead”. He believes that she will set the world free but Marc knows the consequences of that and so does Konshu.

Now, what might be confusing for most is figuring out where the title “Moon Knight” comes from. As Konshu’s avatar, Marc is considered the “Moon Knight” being able to summon a superhero suit that covers his entire body and allows him to have some power bestowed onto him. He fights crime and witty villains just like every other Marvel hero.

Overall, the new series has been a thrilling surprise and was executed better than many had imagined. Actor Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke were a great casting choice and both actors portray the characters phenomenally. If you are interested in seeking out a new hero, look no further and watch “Moon Knight” now on Disney+.