Sophomore POV: Aquacades


The Catalyst / Megan Worry

Sophomores reach for perfection with their deck routine by practicing on their own time.

​​The sophomores have been anxiously preparing for the 2022 Aquacades since the theme was announced.

However, even though this is their second year at NDB, they have never experienced a real Aquacades. Their sister class, the Spartans, is the only class that has witnessed this event in person. So when signing up for deck or water routines, there was a lot of confusion about what the occasion entails. To make up for the uncertainty, there was an all-class meeting in January to catch the sophomores up to what Aquacades was all about.

This year’s theme for the sophomore class is Sitcoms and Rock n’ Roll. The class has been working hard on all their routines, rehearsing in the halls, classrooms, and after school. The backdrop for this year has become a bonding experience, with many different people working together to make it happen.

The sophomores are not sure what to expect, but they are excited nonetheless. Their class coordinator, Wendy Connolly, has also hinted at a teacher deck routine.

“As this class’s coordinator it is my job that you guys have the most fun and hopefully win.” said Connolly. “I have a lot of faith in you and I have seen your routines, they look fabulous. I haven’t been to an Aquacades in forever so I am very excited to participate myself.”

With the Dragons currently in second place in terms of spirit points, they are hoping for a big win for either themselves or the Spartans.