Freshman POV: Aquacades


The Catalyst / Lauren Zerella

Freshmen Gabby Lonardo (left), Tila Chin, Abby Milotich, Lily Henry, Adrianna Cirina, and Jennifer Elwood practice for Aquacades.

Aquacades returns on April 8, and the Monarchs could not be more excited. Having heard so much about Aquacades, they are enjoying the preparation. As freshmen, they are not sure what to expect but are looking forward to watching the pool and deck routines.

“I am pretty excited. It’s exciting, because people talk about it the whole year and I’m excited to be part of it because I am in two routines in Aquacades, because I have it for cheer and I am doing another dance. So, I’m excited to be part of the Notre Dame tradition and because I know it is a big thing because a lot of work goes into it,” said freshman Gabby Lonardo.

The Monarch student council and a few others have been working on our backdrop, and the class has enjoyed seeing what roles different people will have.

At first, it seemed that the only people who do anything for Aquacades were the people on the deck or in the pool performing. Now, we are realizing that there are so many more roles behind the scenes, and that it is much easier to get involved with Aquacades than it initially seemed.

The Monarchs have begun to decide what to do for an entrance. Since freshmen will be entering the Moore first, there will not be any other classes there to witness the entrance. Still, the Monarchs are excited to show their class spirit.

The freshmen have heard what a big event Aquacades is, and are very excited to experience their first one this April.