What does NDB know about sports?

Jena Kawar

The Catalyst (TC): What sport do you know the most about?

Jena Kawar (JK): I know the most about volleyball, basketball, and soccer. I played volleyball and basketball all through middle school so I understand how they work and enjoy watching and playing them. Soccer is just a sport I grew up watching with my family so I naturally picked up knowledge about it.

TC: Is there a sport you would like to know more about?

JK: Honestly I want to know more about some kind of underrated sport because those can be more since they aren’t talked about that much. Or a sport like American football which isn’t my favorite sport, but could be fun to immerse myself in because of how many people I know that love do love it.

Sofia Panagrossi

TC: What are the characteristics of a great coach?

Sofia Panagrossi (SP): In my opinion, a good coach should be a balance between pushing their team to be the best they can possibly be, while also being supportive, understanding, and encouraging. Some athletes prefer harsh coaches and to be pushed to their limit while others need more of a comfortable and fun environment. Overall, I think it’s more important for coaches to create a genuine bond with their team and every individual.

TC: Did you grow up playing sports?

SP: I started playing softball and soccer when I was about five years old and ever since I have been in love with them. They are definitely an outlet for me so I spend a lot of time practicing on my own and with my teammates.

Amanda Barrish

TC: What is your favorite sport that you enjoy watching and/or playing?

Amanda Barrish (AB): I enjoy both watching and playing soccer because I know a lot about it. I’ve trained as a referee too so I know the game just about as well as anyone can.

TC: Who are your favorite players of said sport?

AB: My all time favorite players are Rose Levelle, Mia Hamm, Megan Rapino, and Kylian Mbappe. All of them are really amazing role models and all-around awesome people. Mbappe and Rose also scored winning goals in the respective world cup when there were only 19 which is iconic.

TC: If you could play any sport, what would you play?

AB: It would be cool to be good at snowboarding. Or any winter sport in general because they’re not that popular where we live.