NDB Spirit Squad no longer cheering at Serra basketball games


The Catalyst / Jackie Marinos

The NDB Spirit Squad cheering at an NDB Varsity Basketball vs. The Kings Academy game.

The entire NDB Spirit Squad would agree that cheering for the Serra Padres made the squad’s season exciting. When the team received word from the Serra Athletic Department that, for now, they would no longer able to cheer at Serra Basketball games, the team was distraught.

The school is limiting spectators of any sporting events in their gym to immediate family members of athletes in an abundance of caution, and they promised to let us know if anything changes as the season progresses.

The Spirit Squad had been preparing halftime routines and perfecting sideline cheers all season, so of course it was upsetting to receive that news.

The squad is trying to think of the glass as half full rather than half empty, and was glad that they were still able to cheer at all of our scheduled NDB games, the team is continuing to hold all practices as scheduled in preparation for these games.

Although cheering for Serra will most likely not gonna happen, the squad still fortunately has basketball games at NDB to look forward to.

Although members of the NDB Spirit Squad may be disappointed, they are all continuing to work together as a team and perfect their cheers. The squad is looking forward to the NDB games that we are still planning to cheer at and viewing these games as opportunities to showcase the team’s polished skills.

“I was a bit disappointed but I think it’s the best decision for the COVID dilema right now and for the safety of all the Spirit Squad athletes,” said Lucy Wood when asked about the current cheer situation, “I think our practices have less energy now but most of the time everyone still comes with a good attitude and works hard to learn the material. I hope to learn more dances and continue developing my skills with the other girls.”

NDB hopes that the squad can get back on the court soon and do what they love, but at this time it would be unwise to put that many people at risk. Eventually the girls will join the Padres and their classmates on the sidelines and the community is waiting with great anticipation.