Is holiday gift giving to teachers a conflict of interest? (No)

Something about the air in the holiday season pushes people to spread joy, be grateful and give back, and a way people like to do this is through giving gifts.

It is not a crime to show your appreciation to a teacher by giving them a gift card or a candle. Teachers have a huge impact on our lives and work hard to help us learn and succeed.

Plus, I believe (and would hope) that there are not a lot of teachers out there who would change a student’s grade because they got a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

I would also think that there are not many students out there who would give a gift to a teacher expecting something in return.

Now, this does not mean I think a student should go all out on buying a gift for a teacher. It should not be a competition to see who can find the best gift for their teachers or who spends the most money. I think a card or a gift card or something else small should be enough. There is no need to be purchasing our teachers a Cartier love ring or anything.

Especially in December, which is finals time, students and teachers are swamped. Sometimes, students forget to show appreciation towards their teachers, or teachers forget that their students care about them. Just the fact that the student took some time out of their day to get and give a gift to their teacher could brighten up the teacher’s day and make them forget about the stress. It could also brighten up the student’s day as well, as giving gifts can feel just as good as receiving them.

After the year we’ve all been through with COVID-19 and distance learning, a small holiday gift to a teacher is more of a good thing than a bad thing. We weren’t able to give gifts to many people, so why not spread, encourage and accept the holiday cheer as a kind gesture full of pure intentions?