Should students be allowed to wear free dress during finals? (Pro)

As NDB students look forward to the approaching winter break, they must still take on finals week, which this year falls from
The big question that arises among the students is whether or not the school’s uniform will be required when on campus.

As a student at NDB, I think that uniforms should be optional during this dreadful and stress-filled week. There are many benefits to not wearing a uniform such as the fact that it is much more comfortable to be sitting at a desk in warm sweatpants rather than NDB’s uniform skirt.

During finals week, students are put under a lot of pressure to perform well and do the best that they possibly can on their tests. After studying for so many weeks prior to their tests, NDB’s students should be permitted to wear cozy and comfortable clothing that does not distract them from their much anticipated exams.

Being comfortable is a component to test-taking that is oftentimes overlooked. During finals week especially, students can be sitting silently at a desk for long periods of time, thus getting uncomfortable and causing students to fidget. We should be trying to make the students feel at ease during this stressful time by letting them wear whatever relaxing clothing they choose.

Allowing students to wear their normal clothes will help them to concentrate more on their exams, rather than how cold they are in their skirts.

NDB encourages students to try their best and achieve good grades on the finals, reflecting what they have learned all semester. If a student is comfortable they are more inclined to focus on the task at hand, in this case finals, and perform even better than they would while wearing a uniform.

It would be unpleasant as a student to take finals in the school’s uniform and for NDB to make it mandatory is insensitive to their students who hope to do well on this winter’s final exams.