Point of view: Freshmen finish first semester of high school on-campus


The Catalyst / Ariana Kraemer

Freshmen enjoy eating lunch outside in the Father Downey garden.

The Class of ‘25’s first semester of high school is coming to an end. It has been an interesting experience due to COVID-19, but the freshmen have made the most of their time at NDB so far.

“It feels pretty good to finish my first semester,” said freshman Izzy Yang.

Most freshmen can agree that their favorite part of this semester was making new friends and being introduced to their teachers. After over a year of distance learning, freshmen have been very happy to be able to attend school in-person for their first year. October’s spirit week seemed to be a favorite event among the class, especially the rally.
“Spirit week was so fun, and the rally was great. Plus, I got to have a lot of fun with my friends,” stated freshman Annie Stump.
Throughout the semester, the freshmen have had to adjust to high school and learn how to deal with new and challenging classes.
“I wish that I knew how to manage my time and use my free time during school hours a little better during the first part of the school year,” Yang shared.
A lot of students can agree with Yang that time management is the key to their success in high school. As final exam season is rapidly approaching, freshmen are learning how to use their time wisely to ensure that they are properly prepared to finish the semester.
After final exams comes the second semester. Although they will have one semester under their belt, some freshmen are still feeling scared about the rest of the year.
“I feel a little nervous about the second semester because I feel like it will be a little harder, but I think it will go okay,” Yang added.
Everyone is looking forward to events, such as Aquacades, that were cancelled due to COVID-19 for the past two years. The freshmen greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in NDB activities and traditions that many other Tigers did not have the chance to experience in recent years.
The winter formal is another event that many students are eager for. This will be the first in-person formal dance for both freshmen and sophomores.
The second semester has many exciting days awaiting for all grades, and the freshmen cannot wait to experience them and make new memories with their class.