Students enjoy mid-October’s fall break

Junior Genna Klein visits the University of Virginia over fall break. (The Catalyst / Genna Klein)

NDB’s fall break gives students and teachers two to three days off from school in mid-October as the break occurs in the middle of the first semester. The community takes this opportunity to refresh, catch up, and take care of themselves. This year, the fall holidays fell on October 14 and 15.
Each year, the days off are right after National Testing Day, in which sophomores and juniors are required to take the PSAT. Freshmen and seniors are given an extra day off, while the rest of the students take the test on-campus.
For all students, fall break was a time to relax, unwind and catch up on school work before assignments start to ramp up and finals approach.
“I went to Santa Barbara with my friends to relax, shop, and spend time with them,” said sophomore Reese Lancaster. “I was excited and grateful for this time away from school.”
This break was also a great opportunity for students, mainly upperclassmen, to focus on colleges they are interested in. Whether it was college applications for seniors or campus visits for other students, the time away from school was used to students’ advantage.
“I worked on my essay for my application and the break was really beneficial because I was able to get a lot done and take some of the stress away from the early action deadline of November 1st,” said senior Maddy Scheinman.
The school’s fall break is widely appreciated by the community, and this year students were excited to be participating in activities, such as traveling and being social again.