NDB Swim: Q&A with Natalee Cross


The Catalyst / Maya Hart

Senior Natalee Cross in her swimsuit at swim practice at Serra HS.

Senior Natalee Cross is wrapping up her final season on NDB’s varsity swim team. She has been a member of the swim team ever since her freshman year as she has dedicated 4 years of her career at NDB.

The Catalyst (TC): How has your swim season been so far?
Natalee Cross (NC): It’s been good, we had one meet last Wednesday. We came in second place against Castilleja and Mercy. It’s really been about practicing this year, because we haven’t had any meets. But it’s good to be around other students and teammates.

TC: How do you feel about wrapping up your final year on the swim team as a senior?
NC: I feel good, even though it’s been a shorter season. The practices are my favorite part just hanging out with everybody. I [couldn’t] care less about competing or going to CCS. I just enjoy being with my teammates and having fun.

TC: Will you continue swimming in college?
NC: I won’t be swimming competitively in college, but I would be [swimming] for workout and I’m a swim instructor, so I’m still at the pool.

TC: How is your job as a swim instructor?
NC: It’s the opposite cause I’m the coach now, so I have to think of swimming in a different way. But, working with children is really cool, because I enjoy swimming and I hope that they will too.