NDB Pom: Q&A with Isabella Ailanjian


The Catalyst / George Retelas

Senior Isabella Ailanjian in her pom uniform and gear.

Senior Isabella Ailanjian is wrapping up her final season on NDB’s varsity pom team. She has been a member of the pom team ever since her sophomore year as she has dedicated 3 years of her career at NDB.

The Catalyst (TC): How was your final pom competition?
Isabella Ailanjian (IA): I think our final competition went well. It was all virtual, like our whole season has been, but they set it up really nice. We were allowed to bring two guests and we had a little bit of audience which was really nice.

TC: How was the pom competition made possible virtually?
IA: It’s prerecorded, so you can do multiple takes and we do it about three to four takes every competition to make sure we have our best energy. Then, we find our results about a week later. We placed third out of seven teams and our score improved so much.

TC: How do you feel about wrapping up your final year on the pom team as a senior?
IA: It’s definitely bittersweet. I love being on the team and I’m sad that I’m not going to be on it next year, but i am excited to go to college and move on with my life.

TC: Will you be doing pom in college?
IA: This was my final wrap up for pom, but I do want to dance in college though so I don’t know how that’s going to be.

TC: What was your favorite part of the season, despite the pandemic?
IA: I really liked any bonding we did with the team. We always started practice with fun questions just to get to know the newer team members. We would also write each other notes and all the activities we did together.