NDB Golf: Q&A with Savvy Sweet


The Catalyst / Jennifer Huang

Freshman Savvy Sweet posing for her headshot.

The Catalyst interviewed freshman Savvy Sweet on her experience on the golf team for her first year at NDB.

The Catalyst (TC): How was your first season in Golf?
Savvy Sweet (SS): The first season of golf was really fun. I think it was a bit stressful for the first few matches, but once I got the hang of it, I had a really good time.

TC: How is your experience during the practices with the COVID-19 protocols?
SS: The first few weeks of practices I was really wary of being with other girls, because at the end of practices we would come together and say team on three. I would always be at least 10 feet away from everybody, but I was 20 feet away from anybody. Then as I got through it, I was like okay maybe I will go play golf now with the other girls who are closer, I guess.

TC: How are practices going on in general?
SS: Practices went really well. I think we would usually pad or chip first, which are short range balls. We are just hitting the ball about 10 feet. And then we would do long range balls or we hit the ball on the driving range which goes usually 100 feet.

TC: How are matches with other schools?
SS: Matches with other schools, most of the girls were very nice and very supportive. I had a very good time with some of them, but also again, everyone is competitive, and it was with very competitive schools.

TC: What is your favorite part of the season?
SS: I’m going to say, in one of our matches when me and my teammate Emm, who I was playing with, we both scored very well. I think that last thought when we realized we both did really well and we’re like that was really good.