For the first time in forever: California theme parks reopen

California theme parks are the epitome of a child’s dream destination: this is where any child’s imagination meets reality.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prevented these theme parks from continuing to open due to the countless restrictions. However, with the vaccine cases have been declining rapidly and society seems as if it’s on its track back to normalcy. With the number of cases decreasing at a fast pace, California theme parks have been given the opportunity to open.

Theme parks such as Disneyland, Great America, Six Flags, LegoLand, and Universal Studios are places that bring magical reality to children of all ages, whether it be meeting their favorite princess at Disneyland or their favorite superhero at Universal Studios. Theme parks have found a way to bring movies to life whether it be through a roller coaster with special effects or a play where children get to see their favorite characters live.

Children are prized for their innocent imagination. Not being able to understand the worries and stresses of the world as a child enables them to have an endless imagination that is enlightened further at theme parks when their imagination meets reality.

Theme parks are a rite of passage for growing children who have wild imaginations that need to be fostered, so everyone is excited that theme parks are on the road to reopening.