Class retreats bring students together


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of Amy Jobin

NDB sophomores Ciara Mangan, Ariana Kraemer, Kate O’Connor, and Hannah Nebres color their superheroes.

The class retreat theme for the freshman is to share what kind of dragon you are, finding your own unique identity. For the sophomores, it is to become more aware of the gifts, known as “superpowers.” Discovering our purpose to the world, students will learn what they offer to the world.
The junior’s class retreat was to reflect on the past year during the pandemic. For the seniors, their class spent time reflecting on their 4 years at NDB together with their classmates.
“I feel like I was already pretty self-aware of my traits but it was also really good to reflect on the qualities and traits that I have, and not just reflecting on the bad ones, but also the good ones,” said sophomore Krista Mananquil. “So I feel like it’s good to know the things that I have, so I can use them in my life, a more effective way.”
Students participated in some activities throughout the retreat. The activities included icebreakers, coloring a superhero, and a scavenger hunt around the Notre Dame University campus.
“My favorite activity during the retreat was hiking around the NDNU campus,” said sophomore Lauren Nobleza. “I had never seen it before, and it was fun exploring.”
Director of Mission and Ministry Amy Jobin hosted the retreats. The students learned how to find their passions and connect it with how they can help others.
“There’s this really great quote about your deep joy and gladness, is going to come from where what you’re good at, meets the deep needs of our world,” said Jobin. “So the gifts that you have and what the world needs where those can come together. That’s a great situation, and that’s where our deeper happiness comes from. If each of us can spend some time asking what do I love to do and how it can help the world, I think our world will become a better place.”
The class retreats help students get to know each other with fun activities and help reflect on their purpose in helping out in the world.