NDB Cheer: Q&A with Alyssa Enriquez


The Catalyst / Francesca Gomes

Senior Alyssa Enriquez ready to cheer at her last game on April 3rd at Serra HS.

Senior Alyssa Enriquez wrapped up her final season on NDB’s varsity Sideline Cheer team. She has been cheering ever since the eighth grade, and she has dedicated 4 years of her career on the NDB Spirit Squad.

The Catalyst (TC): How was cheering at your final game for Serra HS on April 3rd?
Alyssa Enriquez (AE): It was definitely different, because of all the new protocols. Obviously, we did have to wear masks. We also had to stand in a different area than usual. Usually, we stand right in front of the bleachers, but this time we had to stand off to the side closer to the entrance.

TC: Have there been any more plans for the Cheer team since the Serra game?
AE: We heard that we might be able to cheer at some basketball games, but we’re not really sure about that yet. I like cheering at basketball games better, because it is louder indoors. You get to be a lot closer to the players versus football when it’s harder to see everyone. They also said we are planning to have a virtual banquet to celebrate seniors since this is going to be our last year.

TC: How do you feel about wrapping up your final year on the Cheer team as a senior?

The Spirit Squad cheering at Serra HS for their final game on April 3rd. (The Catalyst / Francesca Gomes)

AE: It’s very bittersweet. I’m going to miss it a lot. It was something that I was very committed to for four years, and this is really not how any of us imagined it ending. [I] definitely [have] mixed emotions, [and] I feel a little bit of everything.

TC: Will you continue cheering in college? Or will you be finished cheering after high school?
AE: Right now, I don’t plan to cheer in college. I mean, who knows? I’m more of a never say never, so maybe in a few years further down the line. But, right now I really don’t think I’ll be cheering in college.

TC: What was your favorite part of the season, despite the pandemic?
AE: My favorite part of the season was practice, because we got to see each other, even if it was only for an hour. I know we didn’t get the season we would have usually gotten, but it was so nice to see everyone, and to be able to have one game as a team.