NDB spirit squad invited to cheer at Serra HS football game on April 3


The Catalyst / Chloe Einsiedl

The NDB Spirit Squad before the start of another cheer.

Although the NDB Competitive Cheer season has ended, the Spirit Squad has been invited to cheer at one of Serra’s Varsity football games. The game will be on Saturday, April 3rd at 1:00 PM on the Serra football field, against St. Francis HS.
Due to the pandemic, there will be no spectators in the stands. Cheering can be nerve-wracking with fans in the bleachers. Those who are cheering for their first time in high school can make some girls anxious.
“I’m a little nervous to be cheering,” said freshman Lucy Wood. “I think it’ll be a little less nerve-wracking, because there aren’t going to be as many people there than it would have been if parents of athletes were allowed to come. But, I am still excited.”

The members of the squad who have cheered before are more excited to be back. The Spirit Squad has been working hard on practicing sideline cheers on and off, since August.
“My first time [cheering] was the Homecoming, which was almost, I think more than a year ago now,” said sophomore Ava Marinos. “It’s kind of just refreshing and exciting to know that we get to just unify and come together. And all of our hard work just kind of pays off now because we’ve been trying, we’ve been training a lot for this, and it’s nice that it’s all paying off finally.”
Being a senior is difficult with not having a season in their final moments of high school coming to a close. Although this season has not been like the previous years, the seniors have been looking forward to the opportunity to cheer for one last game.
“I’m feeling excited, but more cautious this time around as I don’t want to get my hopes too high in case of us being uninvited again,” said senior Ailish Reed. “But, [I am] looking forward to my first and last game of senior year.”
The Spirit Squad is energized to be back together as a team by having the opportunity to cheer, despite the season being over, as well as supporting Serra’s football team.