NDB Tennis: Q&A with Casey Peterson


The Catalyst / Lani Lopez

Sophomore Peterson getting ready for her tennis match last season.

The Catalyst (TC): What was your reaction to hearing that the tennis team would finally have a season despite the pandemic?
Casey Peterson (CP): Before I got excited or anything, I wanted to make sure it was legit because the season kept getting moved back. I was surprised in a good way.

TC: How is your experience at practices different with the new COVID-19 protocols?
CP: We [have to] wear masks all the time, and we get our temperature checked before practices through the NDB app. My mom also can’t watch the matches [in person] now. Another thing this season was that we were struggling to find courts, because CSM isn’t open. So, for tryouts they had two groups where one group practices before the other group.

TC: How have playing matches against other schools changed due to the pandemic?

Peterson on her way to tennis practice for the new season.

CP: I had a match yesterday and it was going well, but it was really cold and my hands were freezing so I couldn’t grip all the way. Then, we’re halfway through it’s four to four score, and it starts pouring rain. We couldn’t finish the game at all. But, what’s different is that from now on we can’t shake hands [at the beginning of the game], and each side only gets 2 balls to serve with.

TC: What are your hopes for the new tennis season?
CP: Probably, that everyone just has a good time with it. I guess play like an actual season, even if it is just like a practice season and to just take from it what you will.