NBA: Warriors “Oakland Forever” Jersey sparks controversy


The Catalyst / NBA

Stephen Curry wearing the new “Oakland Forever” Jersey.

The Warriors have released the debut of their “Oakland Forever” jerseys for the NBA season. The jerseys pay tribute to the iconic “We Believe” era, for players to celebrate their 47 seasons played in Oakland since 1997.

The jerseys have received many excited reactions from fans and players as they are a great way to honor the hometown of the Warriors. Fans are able to purchase the “Oakland Forever” jerseys online and in-person at the Warriors Shop.

“I think the Oakland Forever jerseys are cool. I like what they did paying homage to the ‘We Believe’ days of the Warriors,” said NDB senior Mia Soracco. “It makes me think back to when I attended my first Warriors game in the first grade with my best friend.”

Despite the positive feedback, there are still some people that are not happy with the jerseys. Dustin O. Canalin, designer of the Warriors’ current “The Town” uniforms, is not a fan of the “Oakland Forever” jerseys saying that jerseys are very insincere and forced.

“It’s forced. They don’t play in Oakland anymore. They left. They even moved their team headquarters out of Oakland,” said Canalin to SFGate. “It feels like a grab for leftover emotional baggage. It’s like a guilt jersey, a jersey for the new fans.”

The “Forever” jerseys not honoring the Chase Center in San Francisco and “The Town” uniforms sparked a controversy that led to some fans feeling upset about this decision.

“People forget that when the Warriors first moved to California in the 1940’s, they were the San Francisco Warriors. Then, they moved to Oakland and played the next 47 years,” said NDB counselor Allan Gargaritano and member of the Warriors Dub Squad. “It shouldn’t matter where they play, they are the Bay’s team.”

The “Oakland Forever” jerseys hold much sentimental value to the early days of the Warriors. It is a stark reminder of where the team has spent the last 47 seasons in the heart of Oakland. Despite moving arenas, the Warriors continue to honor Oakland as the city they spent playing their seasons for nearly 50 years.