NDB Cross Country: Q&A with Alejandra Fernandez


The Catalyst / Alejandra Fernandez

Senior Alejandra Fernandez running at her Cross Country meet before the pandemic.

The Catalyst (TC): What are the plans for the Cross Country team this year due to COVID-19?

Alejandra Fernandez (AF): We were supposed to have three Cross Country meets in December, but they were cancelled with more COVID cases rising globally. We started having practices in August mainly on campus about once a week, but over time we switched to two times a week with only half of the team attending each day.

Fernandez running at her meet before the pandemic.

(TC): Have there been any new requirements for you in terms of attending workouts or practices?

(AF): Each practice day I do different workouts ranging from running three to four miles, running hills, core workouts and other routines. While running I wear my mask, but I only take it off if I need to catch my breath while still staying six feet apart from everyone. For the second semester, our coach discussed with us possibly having practices again next week, but we are not sure yet.

(TC): What are your hopes for your senior year on Cross Country despite the restrictions due to the global pandemic?

(AF): I would really like to have at least one Cross Country meet, because they are so much fun. Even if we do not get to have one, I would still like to have practices, because I love running with my team rather than running alone. I also would like to have a Cross Country team bonding session to go somewhere with everyone, especially since it is the last semester of my senior year.