Seniors get ready for their drive in-movie


The Catalyst / Douglas Graham

The senior class is having its first in-person event of the year on December 1, 2020. At Poplar Creek Golf Course, students can drive up to Par 3 to watch a movie with their classmates after sunset. 


“I am happy that we are finally getting an opportunity to see each other during our last year at NDB. Although, it is sad that we aren’t getting the full senior year experience. I think that the drive-in is a fun way for seniors to see their friends while actively social distancing,” senior Faith Conry shared. 


Seniors have been sent various Google forms to plan the event, and have now chosen the comedy movie, “White Chicks”, to be shown on December 1.


“I just heard about the drive-in a few days ago, after seeing the forms to vote on a movie to watch, and I am excited that we are finally having a class event,”  said senior Eabha Finn. “I think that since we are able to stay with the people in our pods, the event will be very fun and a good chance to be able to get the sense of school spirit back.”


The administration has set guidelines, enabling students to be in a car with up to four students who they choose to be in their “pod”. Students are allowed to get out of the car and socialize with friends in other pods as long as social distance protocol is maintained. Event coordinators have sent out a form, in which seniors can identify who will be in each car so that the school can notify the golf club in preparation for the event.


All students are being given the opportunity to order food from the golf club, as well as bring their own. Ordering meals will take place in the following weeks after students have determined what car they will be attending in, and all orders must be placed a week before the event. 


“There has been a lot of effort put into planning this event for the seniors, and I am glad that we are able to have a sense of normalcy as we close off the first semester. A lot of girls are looking forward to this event, and I am glad that Dr. Shanley and others were able to organize it,” commented senior Alessandra Vano on the event. 


Although organizing is difficult with all of the new safety protocols, seniors are excited to be able to see their classmates again soon. See you then, Knights!