Infographic: Social distance-friendly friend date ideas


Students share their social-distancing date preferences.

Finding connection during self isolation can be extremely difficult. Finding time to see one or two friends has been like a light at the end of the tunnel. Hanging out with my best friend Audrey is always something I look forward to. One day we wanted to go to an open park and have a picnic. This was so relaxing and all we did was talk and laugh and listen to music. These moments are what makes life seem somewhat normal and it’s refreshing to just get out and be outside,” – Audrey Sanguinetti ‘21


“Seeing the sunrise during quarantine is a different experience than it would be without it. Since activity and resources are limited I began to appreciate the little things and nature. The sunset is something I do often during quarantine because I have more free time. I have found my favorite places overlooking the city and no two sunsets are the same. Especially going with a few friends it is even more relaxing and beautiful. It is an activity everyone can do and something anyone is able to truly enjoy” – Zoe Enders ‘21