Preview: New movie and TV shows coming this summer


The Catalyst / Photos courtesy of ABC, Disney+ and Netflix

This summer’s new TV show and movie releases, include “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!,” “Hamilton,” “Thirteen Reasons Why”

With summer on the horizon, many are wondering how they will keep themselves occupied and entertained while, for the most part, staying indoors. One form of entertainment that is still available is TV shows and movies. As a new season approaches, people lookout for what is soon to be released with the hope of discovering their new favorite show or film. Summer 2020 will be full of something for everyone. Here is the rundown of the new and highly anticipated TV shows and movies to expect in the coming months:

On June 5, the fourth and final season of “Thirteen Reasons Why,” the streaming drama inspired by Jay Asher’s novel, will air on Netflix. Those who have seen previous seasons of the show will be curious to see how the story wraps up in anticipating the finale. The story will pick up after the climactic death of Bryce Walker, one of the show’s main characters with the highly anticipated high school graduation for the students. The cast will consist of many recurring cast members, such as Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe, and Christian Navarro.

On June 8, a highlight show of “The Bachelor’”s featuring fans’ favorite and least favorite moments of each season titled: “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!” on ABC. The series will consist of 10 three hour-long episodes. Furthermore, each episode will consist of recaps of the season done by “The Bachelor” alumni. 

On July 3, Disney+ will release a filmed version of Broadway’s stage play “Hamilton.” It details the life of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. According to Variety magazine, the movie version is “not so much an adaptation, but rather a ‘live capture’ of the stage performance.” In addition, it will feature the original cast from the musical. With movie theaters hopefully opening sometime this summer, there is a chance to actually see the film in theaters aside from it being available on Disney’s streaming service. 

Despite certain aspects of the summer looking bleak and uneventful, this summer is filled with new seasons of your favorite shows as well as new film releases. Many of the shows and movies that were meant to be released in the spring have now been pushed back to summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that there will still be a plethora of things to watch on TV and keep oneself entertained indoors. In addition, the film industry hopes to see theaters reopen sometime this summer, so the option to see some of these movies in theaters, as usual, may still be an option with the necessary safety precautions.