NDB events cancelled, postponed due to coronavirus outbreak


NDB’s annual Aquacades rally has tentatively been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, events big and small are being cancelled throughout the Bay Area in order to insure people’s safety. Since nobody knows when this pandemic will end, events as far away as summer are being cancelled and postponed. As the coronavirus is actively impacting the Bay Area, how does it affect the NDB community?

Plans for big NDB events like Aquacades and prom are very uncertain at the moment. “To my knowledge, Aquacades has been cancelled,” said NDB junior class president Olivia Pera. “However, there has been some talk amongst the administration about it possibly being pushed back to the summer. Prom is also up-in-the-air right now, but everyone is pretty much holding out hope for it to still happen. It was supposed to take place on May 2nd, but if NDB does not return to school until the following Monday, it does not seem likely that it will occur.”

Class Day and graduation, two of the most important events honoring seniors, also may not happen as originally scheduled. “The administration is working really hard right now to figure out ways to still give the seniors a proper graduation ceremony,” said Pera. “Class Day may not happen, but nobody really knows. But what I do know is that the administration really wants to have a graduation, even if it is not in May.” 

According to Pera, general student council and ASB elections are still going to take place, but all online. Candidates are campaigning with virtual posters and pre-filmed speeches, and NDB students will vote for candidates online.

While NDB is trying very hard to keep important events alive, many students feel very disappointed that the traditional school year has come to an end. “I am really disappointed that things like prom and Aquacades probably will not happen this year,” said NDB junior Audrey Sanguinetti. “But honestly, I feel a lot worse for the seniors. Their last prom and even their graduation may not happen because of the coronavirus. They have been robbed of their last semester as high schoolers.” 

NDB seniors have also voiced their disappointment over the cancellation of big events, especially prom. “I’m sad that NDB prom is being cancelled just because this is my last year to wear a pretty ball-gown type of dress,” said NDB senior Kaitlin Kiesel. “Thankfully, I had not found a dress yet so I did not waste any of my money. I just feel bad for the people who already did.” 

Overall, practically every single major NDB second-semester event has either been cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19, leaving students and the NDB community disappointed.