Michael Smoot, senior at Serra High School

The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Michael Smoot

Michael Smoot, senior at Serra High School

Michael Smoot, senior at Serra High School

Since many schools have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many high school students are going to school online in what is called distance learning. Some of them communicate with their teachers via email or websites, like gClassroom and Schoology. Others participate in online classrooms via video conferencing apps, like Google Hangouts and Zoom. The Catalyst interviewed Michael Smoot, a senior at Serra High School, about his experiences going to school online.

The Catalyst (TC): What is a typical day of school like for you?

Michael Smoot (MS): Each class day feels pretty similar to me. I attend my classes and do my work, but I get to do it from my bed. I love it. However, I do miss my friends and being able to get help from teachers easily.


TC: How are you coping with social distancing and keeping in touch with your friends?

MS: I think I’m coping pretty well with the whole lockdown. I’ve been keeping in touch with friends as much as I can, to make up for the fact that I can’t see them for another couple of weeks.


TC: Are there any activities that you’ve done either by yourself or with your family that you have found to be entertaining?

MS: The best activities I’ve found are games, like Cards Against Humanity, Uno, etc… and talking. It sounds stupid, but talking with your family out by the fire is pretty cool.


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