Student Life tries to reschedule Aquacades


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of the NDB Catalyst

Students perform a group swim routine and hold posters to support sister classes.

After the announcement of school closure until April 20th, 2020, many students were stunned and had tons of questions in regards to cancelled plans or possible rescheduling of certain events. The biggest question has revolved around Aquacades and when/if it is going to happen. Although there is no clear answer, the Associate Student Body and the Student Life Directors have been trying to coordinate with the administration with plans on moving forward. 

Aquacades is an annual tradition that every student looks forward to every year. Some ideas that have surfaced are concerned with certain dates that could be used or a proposed agenda change for the night.

Dean of Student Life and Leadership, Rachel Shanley did not immediately respond to this newspaper’s request for an interview.

ASB is also very disappointed with the possibility of no aquacades since they have been preparing for a few months now. With the backdrop and rally video completed, they were continuing to work on their routine and rally preparations. 

“We were really starting to get the swing of things like finishing the backdrop, working on the rally and on the routine. As ASB aquacades is one of the events you look forward to planning and not being able to live that out is very frustrating,” said ASB Spirit Director, Angela Marie Fairman.  

 Although many want the show to go on, NDB does face the cancellation of aquacades for the 2019-2020 school year with the exception of return after April 20th. After the announcement from California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, that stated that schools may face the possibility that school may remain online until next fall, aquacades may be placed on the backburner until further notice. 

“Cancelling aquacades has affected our student body greatly, everyone has been putting so much work into backdrop and routines. As sophomores we thought we had a good jump on aquacades, it is disappointing that we don’t get to experience our second year of aquacades,” said, sophomore, Stella Jaunich. 

As of March 18th, Aquacades has been canceled unless the school year resumes. This is the first time in NDB history that the annual event has been canceled. 

A recent email has come out to say that Aquacades will be held if school returns in May. The email read: “If we have the opportunity to return to campus on April 20th, we want to make it clear that we will be rescheduling Aquacades for a day in May. And if May somehow does not work, we will figure something out in June. Aquacades is that IMPORTANT!”