Review: The Rise of “Frozen 2”


Clair Sapilewski , Contributing Writer

On Friday, November 22, the big moment finally arrived: the release of “Frozen 2.” Since its teaser last February, fans have been eagerly looking forward to this highly anticipated moment. But, one may wonder why.

In 2013, Disney released “Frozen” with record breaking results. It was said to have been geared primarily towards kids, ages 5 to 10, but it really struck home with viewers of all ages. Its plot included themes of sisterly love and the importance of refusing to give up. And, its music was phenomenal and stuck in everyone’s head long after the credits rolled. The movie made over $1 billion at the box office alone, making it one of the highest grossing animated films ever.

“Frozen” had taken the world by an icy storm, so when the news of the sequel went public, everyone was thrilled. The official trailer was viewed nearly 90 million times on YouTube, and ticket pre-sales were higher than any other animated movie. “Frozen 2” finally hit theaters after nine months of waiting after that teaser trailer.

The plot of the sequel proved to be much more complicated than the first one. Younger kids won’t be able to understand it as thoroughly as they did the first as this one caters to older viewers. The story dives into Elsa and Anna’s past. Their parents’ background is explored with some depth, explaining the possible reasons for Elsa’s powers.  The movie focuses on Elsa exploring her powers and finding herself.

Viewers will be delighted with Elsa and Anna’s journey to the enchanted forest, a realm filled with magical spirits and a beautiful fall setting.

The movie contains a few similar points as its successor. The snowman Olaf had his own song. This one pertained to getting older, instead of the excitement that summer brings. Although nothing will ever surpass “In Summer,” the new song “When I’m Older” was a very welcome break from the action and conflict in the film.

Kristoff also sang his own full song for the first time. “Lost In The Woods” was an ‘80s style ballad that any fan of the much loved reindeer-man duo will appreciate.

The music could not really compete with the “Let It Go”-level of the soundtrack heard in the original, but it was not too bad either.

Overall, “Frozen 2” is definitely worth a trip to the movies. Although the music might not be the same caliber as the original, the film makes up for it with the plot. Anybody who loved the original will enjoy seeing their beloved characters back on screen with the newest installment to this amazing series.

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