Perspectives: What educators think about vaping

Q&A with a School Resource Officer

Interviewee: Stephen Bennett, SRO for Aragon High School and Borel Middle School

TC: What advice would you give to parents of teens who vape and to teens who vape? 

SB: I give both parents and teens the same advice about vaping. The biggest problem is the misconception that vape products are harmless because they come in fruit and other flavors that seem harmless. All vape products contain nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs known, and other harmful chemicals.


TC: How often do you come across incidents involving vaping at the schools you work at? What are the consequences if you catch a student vaping on campus?

SB: I would say I deal with vape related incidents two or three times per week. Many schools utilize simple and inexpensive sensors in restrooms that can sense vape product use and alert campus administrators. Most vape incidents are handled by the school administration and usually result in suspension from school. 


TC: Do you see more vaping than smoking now?

SB: I don’t have statistics, but my observation among the teen community is that vaping has more or less replaced cigarette smoking almost completely. I have not found cigarettes on a high school campus in almost two years.