Students elect next year’s ASB and class officers

New council leaders sworn in during Class Day activities on May 30

As this school year comes to a close, the NDB student body elected the students who will lead their school and classes during this upcoming year. In addition to Associate Student Body (ASB) elections, the rising senior, junior, and sophomore classes held elections for their own class councils and homeroom presidents. All of these new members are ready to work hard and take on the responsibility of being student leaders.

The rising sophomores, or Spartans, elected Class President Ali Lewis, Vice President Stella Jaunich, Secretary Nithya Mani, Activities Director Nikka Ahani, Athletic Director Jorja Fox, Spirit Commissioner Kolby Robinson, and Historian McKenna Kirscht.

Jaunich says, “I am excited to be vice president because I get to be involved and be with people I enjoy being around. It is going to be such a fun experience.”

The rising juniors, or the Knights, elected President Olivia Pera, Vice President Kylie O’Donoghue, Secretary Lizzy Weishaar, Activities Director Julia Roche, Athletic Director Alayiah San Juan, Spirit Commissioner Shea Hanson, and Historian Genevieve Bencze.

Hanson says, “This is my second year as spirit commissioner, and I enjoyed it so much this year, being able to help lead my class to second place was amazing. Next year is such a big year and I want to be able to make it one of our most memorable. I want to help make this school’s overall spirit even better, especially with the new incoming freshman coming in that will be our next sister class.”

The Gators elected President Bianca Lopez, Vice President Lena Bacon, Secretary Victoria Giomi, Activities Director Bella Parks, Athletic Director McKaela Glanville, Spirit Commissioner Avery McGlinchey, and Historian Caitlin Earnshaw.

Lopez says, “I am so excited to be president for our senior year. I’m ready to go all out and do whatever it takes to make our last year the most memorable and most fun year we’ve had yet.”

The 2019-2020 ASB members are President Annalee Wolfe, Vice President Maddie St. Geme, Communications Director Kate Ragusa, Athletic Director Olivia Miller, and Activities Director Avery Stump.

This year’s ASB elections hit an all-time record. A total of 17 rising juniors and seniors ran this year and, elected or not, all of these NDB girls were brave enough to stand up in front of the entire school.

Wolfe says, “I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing leadership opportunity and to be involved in school.”

Being on ASB itself is a huge accomplishment and includes so many responsibilities throughout the year. Miller expressed fear, saying, “For my leadership next year, I am scared that I won’t live up to everyone’s expectations. I want the under and upperclassmen to look up to me.”

Current ASB President Kelly Nolte, says, “My advice for ASB next year would be to expect the unexpected.”

She continued, “And, don’t worry when something goes wrong, it always will, but stay focused and on task and everything that needs to be done will get done.”

The current ASB officers are sad to hand over their responsibilities to the next group of leaders, but are also excited to see what these girls will do with the opportunities that they have been given.

The leadership opportunities this year include homeroom presidents, which is also a huge responsibility. All of these girls from ASB president to homeroom president have such a big responsibility in leading the school for next school year in and outside the classroom.

The class pride that is seen in each of these girls shows that next year will be one to remember. The new leaders are excited to become involved in sister class competitions and assist their class in being the best they can academically and socially.