The road to Aquacades

Classes continue after school prep work


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

Juniors work together to sketch and paint their class backdrop.

Two more weeks – Yes, you read that right. Aquacades is quickly approaching, which means that students from each grade are preparing for the event, whether it is finishing their class backdrop, rehearsing all of their individual and group routines in the pool or on the deck, or planning their entrance and cheers. With the theme “Movie-cades,” this year’s annual celebration — or, to some, competition — of class and school spirit and sisterhood is expected to be another one to remember.

Preparation began in January when a representative from every class systematically chose from a list of class themes and music subcategories. Soon after, they began work on the various activities related to the event.

The senior class, the Titans, were the first to choose their theme and music subcategory: horror and rock. Many Titans thought the pair was fitting and gave them hope that they will bring home their class’ second first place title.

Senior Daphne Sidoti is participating in group deck routine and is confident that the Titans will put on a show that no one will be able to forget about. This will be her fourth and final year participating in event.

She says, “Aquacades is a very fun time, but it can also be very stressful when it comes to making routines and mixes. Especially as a second-semester senior. Even though there are some pressure and stress, I still love Aquacades and the lead up to it. The Titans are ready to bring home another win!”

Her enthusiasm shows that the class of 2019 is ready for whatever competition is thrown at them.

The juniors, the Gators, were up next, choosing romantic comedy and pop music. The class has yet to place in the top three, but this fact does not dampen junior Elizabeth Mendoza’s mood when thinking about how much potential her group has to take home a place ranking this year.

She says, “This is the story of the time I found out I was in an Aquacades routine. We choose some 2000s music that is making me feel nostalgic! I have really enjoyed beginning to choreograph with my friends. Look out Titans, here we come!”

This is Mendoza’s second time participating in Aquacades, and along with her group, she is ready to make some memories.

The sophomores, the Knights, chose R&B and horror to help them succeed in this upcoming Aquacades.

Last year, as freshmen, they shook things up by following in the footsteps of their sister class and landing third place at their first ever Aquacades. This year, they are looking to go and move up the place ranking, making the competition between the classes even more fierce.

Sophomore Dominique Gradidge spoke about the preparation for her second Aquacades.

She says, “Sophomore group swim is in the process of making an amazing routine! This year, we are really enthusiastic and committed to working as a team and coming up with a great routine. Let’s go Knights!”

Competition is in the air with the debate on who will take home what place.

This is the first Aquacades for the freshman class, the Spartans. They decided on comedy and country.

With the help of ASB, they are going to make sure that their first time is especially memorable. ASB President Kelly Nolte and Director of Student Life, Leadership, and Wellness Denise Uhl have been with them at least once a week for the past few months to ensure that they are prepared.

Nolte says, “I love being able to help the freshman understand how awesome Aquacades really is!”

Even faculty and staff are in on the event.  School counselor Allan Gargaritano is taking on the reigns of choreographing and rehearsing the routine.

As the school basement is filled with the sounds of students preparing for the event, Aquacades continues to be NDB’s “Superbowl” of school spirit events. Which class is going to take home first place this year? Only time will tell.