Varsity Basketball Team Meets Steph Curry


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of Steph Curry

Steph Curry surprised 11 local high schools with his newly released Curry 6s

Over winter break, the varsity basketball team had an amazing experience with Warriors player, Steph Curry. Athletic director, Jason Levine along with two Under Armour representatives surprised the team with tickets to Steph Curry’s 10-year anniversary party in Oakland at practice the day before. The team was excited, but had no idea the opportunity ahead.

Steph Curry had a party with a concert to celebrate 10 years of playing for the Golden State Warriors. The concert was free to those invited, held at the Oakland Fox Theatre and featured popular bay area artists such as Saweetie, E-40, and P-Lo. This is the Warriors’ last season in Oakland before they will be moved to San Francisco, so Curry reflected on his time in Oakland and how they adopted him as one of their own.To release his new shoes, he wanted to celebrate Oakland with a party hosted by Under Armour. NDB is part of Under Armour’s Women of Will, which made NDB one of the schools invited to the Pre-Party. Senior Emilia Dougherty says, “He peeked his head out of the curtains and we all started screaming. It was exciting.” The Varsity team only thought they would be able to see him from a distance, but they experienced even better.

Before the party, Curry held a pre-party, inviting 11 high school basketball teams from around the bay area including Serra and NDB. The schools were provided with shuttle buses marked with their school logo on it, arriving in style to the event. Curry met with the students and surprised them all with pairs of his brand new Curry 6s. The team got lucky with front row seats, Senior Anayanzi Tostado reflected on the moment, “The moment he told us that we were getting the Curry 6s, I knew that it was a memory I would have forever.” She describes it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Curry later came down to meet the student-athletes personally and take pictures with them before the main party. The Varsity team got a night they will always remember.