NDB Annual Christmas Concert

NDB’s annual Christmas concert took place on December 6 at the beautiful Filoli Historic House and Garden in Woodside. The theme of this year’s concert was dedicated to the famous singer, Aretha Franklin, who passed away only a few months ago, hence the name of the concert, “Say a Little Prayer.” The night was filled with wonderful performances from the NDB choirs, Tri-School Choir, the orchestra, and the Acapella Club.

The event started off with Tri-School Choir opening with a Nigerian Christmas song titled, “Betelehemu.” The Tri-School Choir put on a show demonstrating how powerful their voices are by creating a new atmosphere mixed with boys and girls. Acapella club showed off their talents by rehearsing and singing the songs in their own style without an adult music director.

After Acapella Club, the orchestra, Music Ensemble, performed. The orchestra performed two pieces of music. With only four members of the orchestra, their music filled the entire room. It was an amazing sight to see and hear with each musician strumming away to the instrument they played.

It was Chorus I’s first NDB Christmas Concert and they did wonderful with the energy they brought to the performance. It really felt like they enjoyed every minute of being there.

The finale of the Christmas concert was a mashup of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits directed by the choir director, Ashley Willits. The finale was the highlight of the whole concert, because Chorus I and II performed the song together. Everyone was having a blast and giving it their all to sing the last song of the night.

The NDB Christmas concert was a spectacular show to see.

Choir member Kassie Cleland says, “I am really happy with the outcome of the performance, because each and everyone of us worked really hard.”

All of the choirs have worked on their pieces ever since the beginning of the school year, and the concert showed how much their hard work paid off.

Kassie’s father, Jeff Cleland says, “It was an enchanting evening of amazing music by the young women of Notre Dame.”

It was the first time in a long time that the NDB Christmas Concert was sold out, and there weren’t even enough chairs for everyone in the audience. “Say a Little Prayer” was a beautiful performance filled with Christmas decorations, choir members, family, friends, and holiday spirit.