Fall TV is coming

Victoria Bartels, staff writer

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Though our favorite online streaming sites are blocked at school, there are a few new shows that you should you check out.

“You” is a thriller about a man who uses social media to make himself look like the man of a woman’s dreams. Little does she know that he is actually obsessed with her. It airs Sundays on Lifetime.

“Maniac” is a dark comedy that follows two strangers, played by Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, who assume that a pharmaceutical experiment will solve their problems. Unfortunately for them, things do not go as planned. It streams on Netflix.

“Camping” is a comedy about a controlling woman, played by Jennifer Garner, who gathers a random group of people to celebrate her husband’s 45th birthday out in the wilderness.  It premieres on Sunday, October 14 on HBO.

While everyone will certainly be focusing on their studies this semester, there are no lack of entertainment in these and the other fall TV shows to come for them.