Varsity Golf in Full Swing

Golf is now in full swing for the season. The seven golfers and their new coach, Tivi Latu, are eager to show the competition what Tigers are made of on the green.

The team played their first match against Harker School last Wednesday, September 5 at 3:00 pm.

Team captain, Avani Tumuluri, has kept herself busy in preparation for the season. She says, “As a captain this season, it’s been definitely filled with new tasks, such as helping teach the freshman the basics of golf and getting the players prepped for matches. I am hopeful that we will win some matches against certain schools and hopefully that the beginners in the group grow to learn to love the game and even pursue it more in the future.”

When asked what she thought of the new players, she explained that everyone starts off as a beginner, so it is always important to reach out to new Tigers and share some expertise that any upperclassmen may have to help them excel.

The team practices every weekday from 3:30-5:30pm at Mariner’s Point Golf Course in Foster City.

Junior Elizabeth Mendoza says, “This is my third year on the team. Not only do we get to focus on the physical part of the game, but also the mental part. This really puts me in the zone not only to play golf for two hours, but to give me mental clarity that I am putting my best foot forward.”

Last year, the team only lost one game in the regular season.  This year, all of the returning golfers are eager to win all of their games and play a perfect season.

As of now, the golf team has not won a league match. However, as the time is a majority of underclassmen, the goal is to spread the knowledge of the game of golf. As the season continues though, we wish the Varsity Golf Tigers the best of luck as they continue on with their season.