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    Leigh RiosJul 2, 2024 at 1:58 pm

    I just read this Petting Zoo bash article. I am the founder of Pegasus Ponies and Petting Zoos. We actually are a Livestock, Pony, Horse Rescue. Once we Rescue a new farm animal. We Rehabilitate them Medically and Emotionally. This is a lifelong process for every animal. I am a animal behavior specialist. The way that we support the Rescue is by sharing our animals with local Communities in Los Angeles and Orange County’s. I take pride in the whole experience of Providing the absolute best. I never have a small enclosed area. I put up a space that is almost double the industry standard. I feed only quality feeds. Overall in the last 23YRS I have had 2 Ponies get sick. They were both new Rescues that were emaciated when we got them. The only reason why I am writing this comment. Is to let the public know that most people who have 1. Really do care about the animals.
    Leigh Rios