Upperclassmen take on Prom 2023


The Catalyst / Mia

Some juniors pose with a few guests from Serra HS at prom.

On Saturday April 27, upperclassmen attended their prom in the Grand Bay Hotel in Redwood City. The night was planned by the senior student council with the help of Senior Class Coordinators Mirna Yao and Kate Mahoney. The official planning for the event began in early December, but it was not until February 27 that the theme was announced as “Hollywood.” This gave the Tigers two months to get ready for their special night.

In the months approaching prom, students searched for the perfect dress, created promposals and booked any and all appointments necessary for the night. After much anticipation, the day finally came and students arrived with dates promptly at 7:00 p.m.. Senior student council members had arrived at the hotel earlier that day with an assortment of decorations including a red carpet, gold stars, miniature Oscars and a Hollywood sign, in an effort to fully encapsulate the Hollywood theme for their classmates.

Guidance Counselor Allan Gargaritano took to the stage and spent the night as DJ. Throughout the week leading up to prom, students were encouraged to suggest their favorite songs so that they would be played on the dance floor. Gargaritano took all song recommendations into consideration as well as integrated some of his own music into the mix. 

“I was really excited for prom and it exceeded my expectations,” said junior Ella Mahon. “It was a really great night and I’m so happy I got to spend it with my friends. The music was super fun and the DJ kept everyone engaged and having fun.”

In addition to the music, students were invited to enjoy the assortment of food and drinks provided by the hotel. Tacos and sliders were among the most popular dishes, but many attendees relayed that the ice cream sundae bar was their favorite addition. 

The photo booths also remained very popular throughout the night as there was always a line of students waiting for their turn. With so many props available, many chose to capture the night posing with their friends in front of the shimmering backdrop. 

“I had a great experience at prom, the food and dessert were great and I enjoyed dancing to the music,” said junior Audrey Tang. “My friends and I stayed the entire time, taking a lot of pictures at the photo booth and dancing.”

Although many aspects of prom remained the same, this year the senior student council incorporated a new tradition, Prom Royalty, into the night’s festivities. Voted on by the upperclassmen via Google Form, NDB’s Prom Prince, Princess, King and Queen were announced at the dance. Seniors Sophia Rask, Olivia Vandeveld, Owen Callahan and Ross Muchnick were the four students selected and each was given a crown as part of their victory. 

“Even though planning prom felt like an extremely long process, it was super rewarding to see everyone have such a fun time at prom itself,” said Senior Class President Monique Samson. “Since it’s my last year at NDB, I wanted to plan something special for both the junior and senior class to look forward to.”

This was the last prom for the Wildcats, however the Dragons are already anticipating next year’s prom, scheduled for May 4, 2024.