New Class Presidents share future plans

Throughout the beginning of May, the Sharks, Monarchs and Dragons voted on the 2023-2024 class councils. Class councils, consisting of seven members, are responsible for organizing their class’ activities. The Catalyst asked each class president what their goals are for the upcoming year.

Nelly Hickson ‘26
“I am really excited to be president again because I was able to start my freshman year in that role and I now can continue with the same momentum I had last year. There is so much that I am excited to plan for my class and I really look forward to working with all the other girls on the student council.”

Hailey Degnan ‘25
“I am so honored to be the junior class president for next school year. Being president is very exciting but I feel that on student council each member takes on the same amounts of responsibility. We are able to collaborate as a team to improve our class and ensure their happiness is being prioritized which is why I enjoy the role so much.”

Cailin Thompson ‘24
“I’m super excited to be the senior class president. I definitely am most excited for planning fun events like the senior sunrise and senior assassin. I just want to be able to give our class one last great year before college. Helping our class bond even more than before is one of my personal goals for next year.”