Being in an Aquacades routine is more than worth it


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of NDB Communications and Marketing and Marketing.

Students spend months working on their routines so that they are fully prepared to perform at Aquacades.

There is so much anticipation and excitement surrounding Aquacades that begins even before becoming a student at NDB. The tradition-rooted spectacle is such an elemental part of the NDB experience that students often want to make the most out of the event and question whether that is done by participating in a routine or remaining in the stands. Each year, as Aquacades sign-ups begin, NDB students go back and forth on whether to commit to doing a routine.

There always seems to be some reason to opt-out, whether it be worries about finding time to practice, not having a close bond with group members or simply lacking dance skills. However, as someone who has experienced Aquacades as both a participant and an audience member, I can say that it is definitely worth it to perform in an Aquacades routine during your time at NDB.

Aquacades naturally unites the whole school, but participating in a routine provides a unique opportunity to grow much closer to some of your classmates. In some cases, this could be friends you are already familiar and close with, but in other instances, you may find yourself in a group with others whom you do not know as well. The time spent choreographing a routine, planning props and costumes and practicing outside of school provides opportunities for laughing and bonding with group mates.

“A lot of time went into choreographing and perfecting the dance,” said junior Saaniya Ravi, who participated in Aquacades for the first time this year. “Along with rehearsals and making our costumes too. It was a unique experience that helped us bond together.”

The four years of high school go by incredibly fast, so it is important to seize this opportunity to create new bonds. Even after the final performance, there is still a sentimentality that ties group mates together and carries through the rest of your time at NDB.

Being one of the students to represent your class is an honor and it provides the incentive to put your whole heart into your performance. Although Aquacades is ultimately about having fun and joining in the spirit of NDB, sister-rivalries have become a significant part of the event. Each class wants to win at the end of the night. When your performance plays a role in your class’ success or victory, it is an amazing feeling.

“I feel like I truly got to be a part of Aquacades,” said Ravi. Being in a routine allowed me to have a deeper experience and be [actively involved] in the process.”  

Last year, I decided to participate in a group deck routine for my class, and it was undeniably an amazing experience. Not only did I develop a close bond with my group members, but I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that we helped contribute to our class’ win. I was so much more invested in Aquacades because of all the practice I had put in and the pride I had in my group’s performance.

Being in a routine may require extra time commitment, but the excitement it brings to Aquacades and the bonds it creates makes it worth it.