Seniors choose future college roommates through Instagram

The University of Oregon showcases a sample dorm room for prospective students to visit.

The Catalyst / Ashley Turner

The University of Oregon showcases a sample dorm room for prospective students to visit.

As seniors begin getting into universities, they must choose a roommate for their first year of college. Social media accounts dedicated to incoming freshmen at particular schools have begun popping up and serve as a way for current seniors to meet their future peers. Students accepted into these schools, and not necessarily committed, post pictures of themselves with informative captions introducing themselves, listing their interests and providing contact information so that others can reach out.

Many girls have begun messaging each other via Instagram and determining if they are compatible with the person or not. However, these decisions are based on social media and online personalities, and people frequently act very differently in person. Simultaneously, everyone is attempting to connect with and make friends on social media in an effort to choose the school suited for them.

This process is not ideal for people who are too shy to reach out or do not like responding to strangers via social media. While not perfect, two additional possibilities could be preferable. A student could take a quiz on the housing application in the hopes of being matched with a compatible roommate. The quiz includes one’s living preferences, how they act and how social one is. Another option is just to enter blindly and hope for the best by clicking the random roommate option on the housing application.

Some NDB seniors have begun the process and, while tedious, appreciate the efforts required.

“Personally I think there are pros and cons to finding a roommate via Instagram,” says senior Mabelle Joudieh. “You have to take into account that not everybody has social media. Other than that, I think it can be easy and stress free using Instagram as a platform because it’s an easy way to text the other person while seeing what they’re like by their posts.”

Finding out if one gets along with someone solely through social media is difficult, especially when learning about people’s personalities. However, it is good to begin getting to know people from different areas. Although it can be an overwhelming process, it is exciting to meet new friends through social media as it marks the starting of a new chapter and a fresh start.