Movie Review: “Insidious: The Last Key”



Lin Shaye returns as Elise Rainier in “Insidious.”

Famously known for their frightening films, Blumhouse productions and Stage 6 Films team up to produce the newest addition to the “Insidious” series, titled “Insidious: The Last Key.” The film is set in Five Keys, New Mexico in the childhood house of the clairvoyant Elise. Growing up, she experienced circumstances with spirits from “the other side,” or the space in the “Insidious” universe where souls of people who have passed away are left lingering. At age six, Elise forms a connection with an evil spirit who compels her to open a mystical door to the spirit world. Years later, she comes back to her former home in order to vanquish the spirit once and for all. The movie possessed a surprising depth most horror films lack and made connections to real world problems through spiritual metaphors. Fans may even try and connect the “Insidious” series with the “Conjuring” series due to an eerie conversation over the phone at the end of the film, but, these connections are up for interpretation. With both physical and emotional hurt, the film seems to check off all of the requirements for a good scary movie.