NDB community on Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month gives people all over the world the opportunity to celebrate contributions from women over time. Here at NDB, the month of March is especially important as its mission is to educate confident young women for life beyond the classroom. To recognize Women’s History Month this year, The Catalyst acknowledges female teachers and administrators who appreciate the all-female community fostered at NDB.

Wendy Connolly, Social Science Teacher
“I think Women’s History Month is every day, and it’s a reminder to continue fighting. Because we are an all girls community, we need to write women back into history.”

Sarah Boragno, English Teacher
“We are cultivating activists here, people that actually go out and make a difference and do something. In other words, we feel like we actually are being strong leaders who want to make a difference.”

Meredith Essalat, Head of School
“We celebrate success, recognizing women who have gone before us to really make it possible for us to be able to have the lives and the experiences we have today, and the careers we will eventually have.”