Lacrosse program welcomes new players


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of Nicole Tobar

The Varsity Lacrosse team huddles around Varsity Head Coach Will Evans to discuss plays at their recent game against Presentation HS.

Amongst all the sports that NDB students can choose from, lacrosse is one that offers a playing environment extremely open to newcomers. The program is relatively new, with its first season being in 2016. As a result, many students are drawn to the team and the opportunity to learn and grow in a new sport without immense pressure.

Tryouts took place the week of January 30 and the season is now well underway, with new players finding their footing alongside returning players who are excited to be back on the field. The season started with going over the critical basic skills of the sport, serving as an introduction for new players and an important reminder for those returning. Drills focused on passing
and catching, cradling the ball and targeted shooting, which helped players become more comfortable handling the lacrosse stick and moving the ball around the field.

“[We are teaching] basic fundamentals, but also pulling in skills they have from other sports that are transferable,” said JV Coach Melissa Ansari. “For example, with basketball, playing in a key, or soccer, with field awareness, and pulling in some of those existing skill sets and applying them to this new sport for them.”

At the beginning of the season, Varsity Coach Will Evans scheduled three additional scrimmages against other local high school teams from different leagues as a way to get new players accustomed to the flow and rules of games before the start of the regular season. The team played against Sequoia HS, Burlingame HS and Woodside HS.

“I thought it was really fun because there were a lot of people who were new and had never played before,” said freshman Audrey Rosen, who is a first-time lacrosse player. “The coach put us at different positions to see what we like to play and I feel like it wasn’t super stressful because they were scrimmages.”

Team members on varsity and JV played together in these early scrimmages, along with the weekly practices. This creates an environment where new players can learn from those more experienced.

“That’s the thing about lacrosse. I love it because you get to [play] with returning players a lot more. And it’s fun because they have a little more experience. [So] it’s really cool to practice and play with them,” said Rosen.

Many underclassmen trying lacrosse were introduced to an exciting game where they can grow and improve their skills, but alongside that, they were introduced to a welcoming group of teammates. While some were at first intimidated by the prospect of an unfamiliar game and group of students, they soon saw that there was no need to be worried.

Mia Cienfuegos, an experienced lacrosse player, made varsity as a freshman. She has played the sport for multiple years, but not yet in a high school league.

“I just thought the whole team was really intimidating, but everybody’s super nice and so was the coach,” Cienfuegos shared. “We learn a lot and improve in a short period. I feel [that] every game we all become better at playing together, and I think that’s going to go along with the season very well.”

As teamwork continues to grow, the rest of the season is looking very positive for both new and returning players alike.