Track and field season starts

With contributions by Dayna Sockol, Staff Writer


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of NDB Athletics

Junior Amber Holloway hands off the baton to senior Melanie Castelli to finish out their relay race.

Runners, take your mark, get set, *boom.* NDB track and field is finally back. The team is made up of both a varsity team and a JV team, with around 45 athletes in total. The team began training in early January to prepare for the rigorous spring season ahead.

League meets began on February 25, with the first hosted at Serra HS. The team races at meets either once or twice a week, with daily practices falling on the off-days. Although many athletes only participate in two to three events, it is often an all-day affair due to the majority staying
to support the rest of their team. The meets are organized by team level, JV or Varsity, and divided based on gender, heat placement and the event.

“The first meet went really well,” junior athlete Helena Morell shared. “It was exciting to be back on the track and racing. I am doing distance this year, so I ran new events which was a beneficial learning experience. It taught me where I need to improve for the season.”

“The lower classmen were incredibly supportive and cheered the loudest on the track for everyone on our team,” Morrell added. “Lots of nervous energy from them, but they channeled it well and did an amazing job.”

Although the meets are often overwhelming, the support of NDB’s community and teammates makes it an encouraging atmosphere at each meet and practice.

On March 11, the team participated in the Fighting Knights Relay, hosted by Hillsdale HS. The team placed high, and many of the runners beat their own personal records.

With track and field being a primarily individual sport, each athlete is competing against each other, but also themselves. Maintaining achievable goals and setting personal records can help any track and field athlete be more successful in their performance.

The upperclassmen on the team are leaders for the younger athletes that are trying the sport for
the first time. With a large influx of new athletes this season, the experienced athletes have been setting an example in leading the way.

Junior Amber Holloway is one of the many leading upperclassmen on the team.

“The lower classmen did great for their second meet of the season,” Holloway stated. “None
of them were freaking out, and they all seemed happy with their results at the end of the meet.”

As the season progresses, the team grows more excited for the upcoming meets and races.