TV Review: Emily in Paris


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of @netflixfr on Instagram

Lily Collins stars as Emily in the Netflix show “Emily in Paris.”

In October 2020, Netflix released the first season of their romantic comedy show, “Emily in Paris.” It was an action-packed show about an American girl, Emily, who moved to Paris for a year to continue her job at a French marketing agency. Emily meets many people in Paris, including Mindy (her future roommate and good friend), Gabriel (a chef at a nearby restaurant) and Camille (Gabriel’s girlfriend). Emily grows as an influencer on Instagram and uses that to help promote her work and update people about her new life in Paris. The show is a rollercoaster of emotions and relationships.

A major part of “Emily in Paris” is each character’s extravagant fashion. Crazy patterns, colors and shapes accrue on each outfit to fit their personality. Mindy’s fashion sticks out because as a singer and performer, her outfits always represent her flamboyant and outgoing personality. Her outfits usually consist of big feathers, bright colors and fun accessories.

Like many shows, there are tons of relationships that hold drama, complication and trouble. The love triangle between Gabriel, Camille and Emily is the show’s center. Some fans believe Emily and Gabriel should be together, as they were friends from the start, while others prefer Camille and Gabriel because they were the original couple. Many fans hold passionate opinions on which characters should be together, helping promote talk about the show.

Another great aspect of “Emily in Paris” is the places they go and the sights the viewers get to experience virtually. The show was filmed in Paris, so viewers get a sense of the real-life French experience. Watching these new locations with Emily allows watchers to connect with her as a character and makes the show more fun.

Overall “Emily in Paris” is filled with fashion, relationships and tons of drama. The thrilling show now has three seasons, and each is filled with more excitement than the last.