How to spend your Galentine’s Day


The Catalyst / Ashley Turner

NDB juniors celebrate Galentine’s Day together by going to lunch.

Expression of love to our best friends can be best expressed by celebrating Galentine’s Day. The show “Parks and Recreation” declared the holiday to be substituted for Valentine’s Day, giving Galentine’s Day such popularity. Galentine’s mocks the original holiday and rather than a date, you have your closest friends as company. This unofficial holiday embraces that platonic love so easily forgotten. Gathering as a group, the day can be spent in numerous manners.

When planning Galentine’s, it is important to pick excursions that will be enjoyed by all of the friends involved. Picking the right plans ensures memories and maybe even making a new tradition to share amongst closest friends.

Staying in and staying cozy is a perfect way to escape from schoolwork and the rush of a typical day. With the colder weather in February, indoor activities might be preferable to those celebrating. Baking can enrichen the trust and teamwork within your group. Incorporating recipes that include ingredients associated with Valentine’s Day. A simple recipe could be making sweet or savory dip. One of the holiday’s favorites are chocolate dipped strawberries. A popular dip this year is strawberry cream cheese whipped with melted marshmallows due to its pink color making it a perfect addition to the night. Another recipe that has gone viral were heart shaped pizzas. Pizza dough is readily available at grocery stores and is a rather easy meal to make. A benefit is that it can easily be personalized to suit your friend’s favorites.

Movie dates are rather typical on such a holiday, however movies with your friends are easily more enjoyable. Romantic comedies are the obvious choice to watch with the group. “Bridget Jones’s Diary” is a trilogy which is perfect for a binge and also at times feature the protagonist’s supportive friend group. The movie carries a theme of friendship when her friends easily drop what they are doing to support their friend in a break up. Another great movie which is sure to bring all to laughter is “Valentine’s Day” which follows many couples whose stories intertwine. With some relationships being romantic and others platonic, the movie balances both Valentine’s and Galentine’s.

For a more active celebration, little day trips to the beach or the city can bring adventure to the agenda. The beach gives the opportunity to get some Vitamin D and chat amongst each other, truly celebrating the day together. Incorporating a picnic is sure to enhance the trip as well. The coast holds many scenic destinations that are perfect to view a sunset. Another alternative is a day trip to San Francisco. With its diverse restaurants and sightseeing, the city is a quick getaway only a short drive away.

Galentine’s Day is perfect for those who love their girlfriends. So often are platonic relationships neglected and celebrating with your friends is a perfectly acceptable way to spend February 14.