InterSession presents a perfect opportunity for early action applicants


The Catalyst / Ava Marinos

Chapman University offers an admitted student tour for students admitted during the 2022-203 early action and decision cycle.

InterSession is right around the corner. It is a unique learning experience that NDB now offers annually during President’s Day week. The personalized learning opportunities offered give students something to look forward to, as they are able to choose from college visits, community service opportunities and arts and crafts.

A portion of the seniors who applied Early Action to several colleges find that a great use of their time during this period would be to tour the colleges they got accepted to. This allows them to see the college with a new set of eyes and truly see if they envision themselves attending the school.

Many seniors can agree that touring a college after getting accepted is much different than touring before hearing back. The former is intended to see if they actually would apply to the school, while the latter is meant to get to know the school.

“As a senior at NDB, I submitted Early Action applications to the majority of my universities, including the University of Tampa.” says senior Dayna Sockol. “I recently got accepted into this school. I am visiting the University of Tampa during InterSession because I’m curious if I’ll like the on-campus life. I can just tell right away if I’m going to enjoy my time there, if the school is right for me and if my personality fits the school.”

Other seniors who received admission decisions think that InterSession would be an ideal opportunity for them to visit colleges they have not toured before.

“I will be visiting Chapman, LMU (Loyola Marymount University), and Santa Clara University,” says senior Ava Marinos. “I received acceptances to these schools back in December. I haven’t visited Chapman or LMU yet, so I definitely need to visit the campus. I already toured Santa Clara before, but I want to see the school with a new set of eyes.”

Using a week to familiarize seniors with the schools they got accepted to and see if they envision themselves going there presents a great opportunity for the class. It is the perfect week for Early Action or Early Decision applicants to find what school is right for them, and there is no better time to physically visit the campus and get to better understand both the student life and environment.