NDB students share their favorite restaurants in the Bay Area


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Caitlynn Reynolds

NDB students feast on pancakes at Caffé Central.

An amazing aspect of the Bay Area is the robust, top-quality restaurants it has to offer. Many of which cannot be found elsewhere in the nation, with food ranging from different types of cultures and cuisines.

Students who pursue finding great restaurants at NDB told the Catalyst what their favorite places to dine in the Bay Area are.

“One of my favorite places in the Bay Area is In-N-Out Burger. I often go there with my mom, it’s our favorite fast food chain. In addition, Town in San Carlos has a variety of delicious food. I go there with friends and family and our favorite thing on the menu is their garlic bread,” said junior Jena Kawar. “Eataly in San Jose and Pizza Antica in Santana Row are two of my favorite Italian restaurants. They offer authentic Italian meals, great appetizers and have unique gluten free options that still taste like original Italian food.”

In-N-Out is one of the most loved chains, and remains a popular destination to go after football games or late dinners with friends. Eataly has gained a lot of popularity lately, and is only going to get busier.

“My favorite foods to eat at Din Tai Fung are the spicy vegetable and pork wontons and probably the garlic string beans. The waiters and waitresses are all extremely nice. Mazra was voted as the second best restaurant, I think, in the USA by Yelp,” Andie Wong, a sophomore says. “The grilled salmon plate is cooked very nicely and the falafels and pita wraps are really really good too. Caffe Central’s ambience is really nice and I think a lot of NDB students hang out there to get brunch.”

Mazra has been so successful that its owners are opening a second restaurant in Redwood City sometime this upcoming year. Din Tai Fung is a world-renowned Chinese restaurant chain, and the branch in Hong Kong even has a Michelin star.

“My favorite restaurant in my town is Saltbox in San Carlos…there’s always something new to try. I also love Mints and Honey in San Carlos…it’s my favorite place to walk to and get brunch with friends! Likewise, I also love Cafe Central in Burlingame. They have the best breakfast food and pastries,” Senior Caitlynn Reynolds replied. “Lastly, I love Pizzeria Delfina which is also in Burlingame. This is my favorite pizza place—I always get the margarita pizza and can pretty much eat an entire pizza while I’m there!”

Mints and Honey in San Carlos is ranked five stars on most websites, showing that is not just the ambience that makes the cafe great. Saltbox has a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, and is ranked the fifth best restaurant in San Carlos.

Based on their responses, it seems that NDB especially loves to eat in Burlingame and San Carlos. Whenever you are in these areas, stop by at any of these restaurants as you are sure to have a delicious meal.